About Ciindi

About Ciindi

When the Venuerific Team noticed that most venue owners used many different systems to manage their businesses, the team seeked solutions—with Ricardo Sentosa, the founder of Venuerific, leading the way.

The goal was simple: to provide a one-stop solution that seamlessly helps in jump starting an events business. Throughout the years, this was never an afterthought to the Venuerific team. It was more like a natural progression, with the team working with many kinds of businesses in the last decade.

The project ingredients were clear, and the team got to cooking. Ciindi was to be an affordable, scalable, and user-friendly digital solution. Taking it a step further, Ciindi wasn’t only going to be for venue owners. Ciindi is for everyone that offers a service; it was to be a one-stop solution for all business needs.

Today, Ciindi is as concrete as it can be. It is a booking engine that is able to create business pages, booking systems, appointment scheduling, CRM, payments, analytics, reporting and more.

Ciindi Mission

Our mission is to enable professional service providers to start and scale their business easily and affordably.